Chance or Circumstance?

Experience the Revised Edition, a condensed and enriched version of the original “Chance or Circumstance?”. Enhancing your reading experience, an engaging audiobook companion is available for purchase through Audible. Immerse yourself in the powerful narrative and embark on a journey through history, thoughtfully presented in both print and audio formats.  The original “Chance or Circumstance?”, available through iUniverse, offers more detail with additional archival documents.

“James R. Mapp delivers a macro and micro view of a generation fighting for civil rights through his delightfully insightful memoir. Raw and transparent in nature, the memoir escorts readers into a world in need of changes many are still fighting for.  Besides being a great storyteller, Mapp has a gift for painting pictures with words. From the setting in which events unfold to the intertwining roles people played in his life, each person and place are written with great care and dimension.”  The BookLife Prize